Wolf Ventures Mission Statement

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3 min readApr 7, 2022


Wolf Ventures seeks to create, incubate, and profit from innovations and opportunities in the crypto space.

We work with the best talent in the industry to maximize every area of opportunity that exists in the space, for the sole purpose of generating consistent yield to all those who invest in Wolf Ventures.

Guiding Principles

Wise investing

Wolf Ventures seeks to make smart choices that are focused on growth, returns and sustainability. All investing carries risk, but we will work to identify opportunities that promise the greatest return to our holders during bull market cycles and strongest means of treasury preservation during bear market cycles.

Honesty and Integrity

The strength and cornerstone of our reputation derives from the integrity, honesty, and transparency of our team and means in which we build and manage this project.

It is only through the success of our investments, growth of Wolf Ventures, and return to our holders that we will realize our own success as a team and community. We will achieve success through due diligence, clear communication, specific goals, and well executed strategies.


In order to be successful, we must embrace our community and work to build as strong a relationship as possible.


Wolf Ventures’ aim is to build generational wealth in an accessible and safe way to anyone, no matter their background or country


Wolf Venture aims to innovate in all aspects of the crypto space, from smart contracts, to DEXs, to research and reporting of crypto projects and trends.

Strategic Objectives:

  • Wolf Ventures will seek opportunities from any and every sector of crypto that supports our mission.
  • Wolf Ventures will become a leader in the space and provide value in all that we do.
  • Wolf Ventures will seek the most capable people and talent to grow the protocol and achieve our mission.
  • Of great importance to us at Wolf Ventures is our expansion into emerging markets, where we aim to be a catalyst for economic growth and liberty for its citizens via both on-chain and off-chain/real world projects that we will either launch or invest in.

Potential Investment Areas:

Stables farming

Maintaining a solid stable farm creates consistent yield, offers preservation in down markets, and gives us the resources to take advantage of opportunities when they arise.

TA Trading

We will maintain talent that is able to identify movements in the markets that can be capitalized on with long and short calls.

FA Investing

We will research, buy, hold and stake (if possible) tokens in projects that are shaping the crypto space, are market leaders, and offer long term consistent gains and opportunities.

Crypto Mining

Crypto mining offers some of the most consistent returns in the market regardless of volatility. Wolf Ventures will make investments in mining as such opportunities present themselves.

Software Service Solutions

Wolf Ventures will continue to seek and develop income generating solutions that benefit other projects in the crypto space.

Launchpad Services

Wolf Ventures will seek to launch new projects that solve problems and create value, as well as work to support other project teams that see value in partnering with us.


Seeking opportunities through virtual real estate, advertising, etc.


Non-Fungible Tokens are a booming sector of crypto and can carry many use cases, Wolf Ventures will look to identify opportunities that can build value and return for holders.

VC Opportunities

We will seek to make early investments, design assistance, and guidance that support promising, early stage projects.

Any other areas in crypto that we find as opportunities to maximize investment and returns

Success Measurement and Accountability:

Wolf Ventures provides weekly assessment of treasury/investment performance as well as regular returns to our holders as such gains are realized. Our weekly metrics-based dividend strategy is a first in the industry and offers a well balanced approach that rewards holders, grows the treasury and supports token value.



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