Scary Chain Capital Launches Instant Bonds

Scary Chain Capital
3 min readJan 28, 2022


Scary Chain Capital aims to help you get the most out of your money conveniently. We intend to seek the most profitable strategies in order to increase your wealth.

To make this a reality we have introduced Instant Bonds. Thanks to Instant Bonds we are able to grow our Treasury faster now. Bigger Treasury, leading to Bigger Horizons for the entire Scary Chain Capital Community.

Let’s dive into the world of Instant Bonds and see what makes them special.

You can now exchange SCC-FTM / SCC-ETH (and more) in exchange of discounted $SCC.

We have introduced the first Bonds without a vesting period that’s why we call them Instant Bonds. You can also consider them as Treasury Sales.

Thanks to SCC Tax Policy there is no need for a Vesting Period. It’s not convenient to sell your SCC even if you got them at discount all because of the Sell Tax that is ALWAYS greater than the discount applied. Though it is ALWAYS convenient to Bond, the Treasury $SCC are not endless.

This way, you can instantly get your SCC at discount and start receiving rewards and profits generated by our treasury.

These are not the only benefit of Instant Bonds.

Protocol Owned Liquidity

Instant Bonds allow SCC to possess its own liquidity. Greater liquidity means a greater trading volume that ensures an healthier life and well-being of the Protocol.

Options Available for Bonding

Scary Chain Capital has started big. We are going to have Cross-Chain Bonds since Day One.


  • SCC/ETH Uniswap V2
  • ETH


  • FTM
  • USDC

Bonding is convenient. You can see how much you’re saving by visiting our Instant Bonds page.

Origin of the SCC available for Bonding

Scary Chain Capital’s Supply is 2T tokens for each chain. The circulating supply is never 4T.

In fact, even if we are on Fantom and Ethereum, most tokens are available in the bridge to allow holders and arbitragers to move from one chain to the other. Currently, there are less than 2T tokens circulating.

In the Initial Phase, the SCC for bonds will come from the reserves we saved since launch.

What’s going to happen when SCC reserves end?

The easy answer is Buybacks. Scary Chain Capital will buy more SCC with profits and make them available for Bonds. This way, once the reserves are ended there will be no more dilution of the supply.

How SCC will become a Deflationary Asset

After the Initial Phase of our protocol, we will start to buyback and burn SCC. Scary Chain Capital will find new ways to burn and remove SCC tokens from circulation.

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