Metrics-Based Dividend Strategy

Scary Chain Capital
2 min readMar 11, 2022


Scary Chain Capital continues to be a leader in the FaaS space!

We are excited to be the first FaaS protocol that implements a metrics-based dividend strategy!

What that means for you is explained in the following text.

First, snapshots of treasury are done multiple times a day and all trades will be tracked and analysed.

We will then calculate treasury’s weekly profits ranging from Sunday to Sunday.

Of those weekly gains 30% will go right back into our treasury for compounding and 10% go into project overhead such as marketing and team costs.

Another 30% will be used to purchase $SCC from the open market to feed the Smart Swap demand for our token and the remaining 30% will be allocated to holders.

Once this holder allocation, which accumulates weekly, reaches a minimum of $25.000, it will be distributed on Sundays. We deemed the 25.000 as reasonable minimum amount to save on gas fees.

SCC metrics-based dividend strategy

Let us look at an example:

Week 1: $40.000 profit, $12.000 to holder allocation

Week 2: $10.000 loss, $0 to holder allocation

Week 3: $60.000 profit, $18.000 to holder allocation

Week 4: $70.000 profit, $21.000 to holder allocation

In the example above the treasury gained $40.000 through good trades, farming or a mix of both.

$4.000 will go to the project overhead, $12.000 used as open market buys of $SCC, $12.000 added back to the treasury to compound and $12.000 is reserved for holders.

However, since we did not reach $25.000, no dividends will be distributed on Sunday.

In week 2 the treasury made a loss, which means that none of the four addresses will receive anything. We will NOT decrease the already collected $12.000 from week 1 even if the following week is at a loss.

Week 3 is a true champ and makes $70.000 in weekly gains, which means another $18.000 will be added on top of the $12.000 of week 1. On this Sunday $30.000 will be distributed to our holders.

Next week tops the profits of the week before and earns holders $21.000, almost enough to distribute.

As this has not been done before by any other FaaS protocol, we are extra excited to watch the numbers over the coming weeks!

There could be Sundays without dividends and there could be Super Sundays where the previous week was like number 4 in our example above and the recent week an even better one, totalling the theoretical dividend distribution well above $50.000.

We will communicate our numbers every Sunday and in case we reach $25.000 or more, press the distribution button.

Implementing this metrics-based strategy increases Scary Chain Capital’s transparency, improves our treasury health, and gives everyone a clear direction forward.



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