Lightning Cross-Chain Rewards — Scary Chain Alternative to Reflections and Buybacks

Scary Chain Capital keeps on innovating in the race for the development of the best DeFi 3.0 Protocol.

To make it the fairest, we decided to collect entire trading volume across all the chains and redistribute it through our Lightning Rewards System.

Removing reflections creates a positive interaction between the user and our dashboard. Thanks to Lightning Cross-Chain Rewards, you can now collect your old reflection or convert it into anything else you like. We took this inspiration from AnyPrinter, to allow you to choose for yourself ,in what way you want to be rewarded.

Thanks to this mechanism, you can now expect much more than the old reflections revitalised and improved.

Scary Chain Capital will distribute the profits and revenues generated by the treasury activities through the same page. In other words, we send you the profits to claim.

Investing made simple, isn’t it?

Diamond Hands Rewards Program

In order to benefit long term believers in SCC we have introduced a reward mechanism that incentivizes holders. Rewards are collected based on daily snapshots. Reflections only took into account the share of supply owned by the holder. But our new system also takes into account the time you spent in the SCC ecosystem. SCC aims to grow with you. So we have introduced a new factor that incentivizes to hold your precious SCC for longer.

For more details read our WhitePaper.

We appreciate your feedback.

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Scary Chain Capital

Scary Chain Capital

You buy on Ethereum or Fantom, we invest on multiple chains and return the profits to $SCC holders.